Bharath Raj

Undergrad | SSN Batch '19 | AI Enthusiast

About Me

Who would've thought, that one day you can build wonders by typing pieces of text on a machine. With that power at my disposal, I love to experiment and create cool things with code.

Knowledge, about knowledge is power. I'm very curious about how we, as human beings, function and perceive things. What makes us different from the machines that we command? Needless to say, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence thrill me, and I research and contribute to projects based on this domain.

I love reading well written articles about almost anything, particularly controversy. When I'm not nerding, you could catch me watching dramatic TV shows, fawning over movies with exceptional screenplay or chilling to some Floyd.

Selected Projects

Single Image Dehazing using Conditional GANs

A modified conditional GAN was trained to remove haze/fog from images. [Result][Paper (In Progress)]

Playing Quidditch using TensorFlow Object Detection API

The TensorFlow Object Detection API was trained to recognize the various equipment used in the game Quidditch from the Harry Potter series. [Blog][Result][Code]

Experience and Skills